Half Moon Betta Fish

Do you know that the Half Moon Betta Fish is a rare and one of the most sought types of betta fish? The shape of their fin is how their name derive from. Actually this type of betta fish is a mutation froma more traditional “delta tail”. That is the reason why it is rare and special type of betta fishes.

A true half moon betta fish has to have a tail fins extending 180 degrees from each side. Proper selection of breeding is used to enhance the version. A clear & crisp edges has to be on its fins as well as balanced and symmetrical. This merely means that there’s no damage in “frill” of the fish. The wideness of its caudal fins add its gorgeous look making it appear like a half moon shape.

Breeders & betta fish enthusiasts are so strict with that type of specifics. The description mentioned above is crucial to determining the true Half Moon Betta Fish. It is highly in demand and tagged with high price.

half moon betta fish

Those who are interested in breeding & buying this type of bettas are often well-equipped with knowledge the basic traits seen in “pureblood” half moon tail fish. There’s no wonder why this type of betta fish is not often seen in pets store noting its demand and high price.

It has exotic beauty and perhaps very hard to find. Of course you can visit your nearest local exotic store or find a great supplier by researching online. This type of betta will absolutely satisfy your hobby and a rare find at home.

Due to its tail forms, it gives them a look of being more mysterious & aggressive. You might be surprise that their are some trades about aquatic pets that includes some of these colorful betta fish. It’s fun to watch them in their betta fish tanks.